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January 30th, 2013

I’m at Jim & Nick’s BBQ (Concord, NC) [pic]:

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I just unlocked the “Porky” badge on @foursquare for checking in to barbecue spots! Brisket all around!

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I’m at Latta Plantation Nature Preserve (Huntersville, NC)

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I’m at IKEA (Charlotte, NC) w/ 7 others

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冻雨 (at Ashford Green Apartments) [pic] —

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kapradina "你早饭喜欢吃什么?"

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zhangfacai 李清照《丑奴儿》:”晚来一阵风兼雨,洗尽炎光。理罢笙簧,却对菱花淡淡妆。绛绡缕薄冰肌莹,雪腻酥香。笑语檀郎:今夜纱厨枕簟凉。”……前戏挺足啊。

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shuaidebuyaguan 上海男人留指甲,是他们尚武的一面。

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goldengrape #境外敌对势力 赞! RT @vosolo: 福利:国立台湾大学110门开放课程,在线地址:臺大開放式課程 (NTU OpenCourseWare)

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People who help internet censorship, builders of Great Firewall in China for example, should be denied entry to the U.S

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