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October 15th, 2011

I favorited a @YouTube video 不會說話的愛情-周云蓬.flv

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Check this video out — 周雲蓬 - 不會說話的愛情 (周云蓬 - 不会说话的爱情) via @youtube

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I liked a @YouTube video 周雲蓬 - 不會說話的愛情 (周云蓬 - 不会说话的爱情)

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羡慕啊啊啊 @santonin: 晚上周云蓬唱了好多歌,而且连着把我最喜欢的九月、不会说话的爱情、中国孩子唱全了,好激动啊啊,还唱了首关于林昭的歌,太牛B了

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Reading: “人间别久不成悲”( )

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I just entered to win an iPad 2 being given away by @shoemoney to enter:

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wuyagege 人间别久不成悲

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