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October 12th, 2011

gaoming #RadioHiLight 高明电台今日播出 @zuzhou 左小祖咒新专辑《庙会之旅II》中的《我的儿子叫钱云会》

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rickju main( ) { printf(“bye, world”); }
// @turingbook 刚看到C语言之父Dennis Ritchie去世了。最好的纪念方式是什么呢?

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non-ophthalmic (OCT) has left the laboratory and is taking a foothold in clinical settings. #Kindle

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there is no microscopic model to explain how magnets work. #Kindle

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Wayne contends that light itself prevents such particles from breaking the barrier. #Kindle

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The macroscopic quantum tunneling effect was first observed in a Josephson junction. #Kindle

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model the phase transition by using the so-called Car-Parrinello method. #Kindle

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faulty memory only provides misleading information. #Kindle

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leaving for Bruson (@ Grigg Hall)

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JenLucPiquant Burn, Baby Burn: Understanding the Wick Effect | Cocktail Party Physics, Scientif… - via @sciam

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drskyskull Our local rescue group @Catfurr2444 is desperately in need of funds! Please help!

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