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September 6th, 2011

“Being able to convert heat from various sources into electricity without moving parts would bring #Kindle

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“a valuable extension of invisibility from optics to fluid dynamics”. #Kindle

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the researchers have become the first to isolate light with a linear material. #Kindle

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I’m at Grand Asia Market (4400 Potters Rd, Stallings)

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ChineseDancer RT @EnochLu: RT @yangpigui: 大理著名的15岁男孩儿卷卷评罗永浩:所有的鸡巴都被这个体制割了的时候,他长了5公分,就以为自己长到正常人的12了,回头就去当大师,去教训5公分以下的。

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tuiteguancha RT @gonewater: 昨日新京报和今日新京报版权页对比。历史意义的两张纸。银河系的历史,又翻过去一页。

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fannylawrenC 第一次聽,讚!RT @nw59: 甄妮—莫徬徨 @fannylawrenc เพลงฟังไม่รู้จักเบื่อ

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Grand Asia Market Grand Asia Market
1 (704) 821-0899
4400 Potters Road, Stallings, NC 28104

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dakan 233 RT @cwyalpha:  室友去实验室找导师,导师说,你知道刚刚出去的人是谁么,他是中国最年轻院士卢柯。。于是室友回去百度了下。。第一页,中国最年轻院士卢柯嫖娼被抓…

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his advisors don’t always grasp is that most of the jobs created will not be in the USA.) #Kindle

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